We are finnish/argentinian handcrafter couple Elina Majander-Aira and Hernan Aira. For us travelling is a lifestyle, and cause of this we both learned to make our living with our hands years ago.

It’s important for us to live in a way that makes it possible for s to travel and work abroad. The time we’ve been together we have worked to create a concept that unites designing, handcrafting and ethically sustainable production process to our lifestyle. This is how got created the Fairyfactory Clothes Collection.

We design most of the models of our collection, counting out few traditional models that we sell.

Some of our products we make ourselves and some of them we get produced in India where we co-operate with small tailor families.
By our experience working with small producers allows us to control the working conditions of our tailors and make sure they get fare payment of their work.

As handcrafters, we favour natural materials. Besides common cotton we use in our clothes also materials like rawsilk, nettle, and suede. One of our special materials is Khadi, cotton hand woven by using traditional techniques.

Besides our clothes collection we also make silver jewelry, all designed and produced by us. You can find from our selling table also other jewelries made by using different kind of hand crafting techniques and natural materials like seeds, bamboo, coconut, bone and leather.

Our workshop is in Karjalohja, a proper shop we don’t have. We sell our products during the summer in different kind of festivals and markets or straight from our workshop. At other times is also possible to order our products from the internet.

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